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Published Works

i see you, i see me, trafford; children's book, 2007


A story about Rosa, an 8-year-old girl who misses her birth mother and uses her magic mirror to remember her. Rosa discovers that it's okay to talk about her birth mother, and with the help of her adoptive mother, realizes that being a family doesn't mean looking alike. It means loving each other. And it means that what's inside a person's is most important.

Living the dream with mommy and mama, 2014


A story about a girl living with two mommies in an incredibly wonderful, loving home. She is visited in a dream by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who says that adoption is love and states there are all types of living families who can-- and should-- be able to adopt children who need a loving forever home.

My grandma is my new mommy, trafford; children's book, 2007


A story about a kinship adoption where the maternal grandmother becomes the legal mother to the child, who learns that family can take many forms and that there can never be too many people to love you.

freedom for us all, 2015

A story about freedom to marry from the vantage point of a young child who lives with his two dads. Marriage, he shares with the readers, is all about love and his father's God-given right to be happy.

on the wings of an eagle, 2010.

A story about the adoption of a child from China, who flies on the wings of an eagle to the open arms of her adoptive parents, who ensure that she has an incredibly happy, healthy and loving childhood.

aunt sally and us, 2016.

A story about kinship guardianship, where two children live with their aunt, but still get to see their birth mother every weekend, as her paternal rights are not terminated. They realize that there are all kinds of relatives who can open up their hearts and home to children in need of a permanent, loving home.